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Maritime Alliance Group, Inc. has designed and implemented the Survey Quality Assurance Program to provide insurance companies with quality, "touch of the button" service and experienced, qualified surveyors when and where they are needed. We currently provide "gatekeeper" services to a number of major insurance companies, delivering an unparalleled level of service and quality, while at the same time removing the costs and burdens of multiple vendors, lack of continuity in reporting and "catch as catch can" selection of surveyors for particular losses.

The Survey Quality Assurance Program represents a partnering between the client's Claims Department and Maritime Alliance Group, Inc. for the rapid, efficient and cost effective handling of claims. All aspects of the program share a common and very important thread: they save money. Cost savings are obtained through the drastic reduction in the number of vendors realized through the program. The convenience of calling a single number for all survey assignments provides cost savings, both in real dollar savings, and perhaps more importantly, in the time your claims department would spend finding and supervising the work of individual surveyors throughout the world. Money is saved by the utilization of the considerable experience of the MAGI staff and correspondent surveyors, going the extra yard to minimize the loss to the greatest extent possible.

Most importantly, insurance companies rely on the premium dollars of their clients to generate profits. The claims department is in reality the service department of an insurance company, often the only visible facet of the company directly available to the assured. Therefore, maintaining a consistently high level of superior service in the handling of claims is critical in today's competitive marketplace. We believe the Survey Quality Assurance Program is a vital tool to assist insurance companies in attracting new clients, and maintaining existing clients and the Brokers that place their business.



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