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Our staff has intricate knowledge of the inland and ocean marine industry. This knowledge can be utilized to assess a company’s exposure to loss. On behalf of insurers, we can review their assured or potential assured’s loss history and their present means of stowing and shipping cargo. Using our knowledge of the industry, we can recommend measures that would mitigate their exposure to loss in the future.

Maritime Alliance Group has staff members particularly strong at conducting Pre-Risk Surveys. Before Underwriters commit to a risk under a warehouse policy, we will inspect the building in order to ascertain its exposure to loss. We will provide our clients with a Pre-Risk Survey Report which will include recommendations in regard to additions to alarm protection, possible installation of interior and exterior overhead gates, video surveillance, etc. Our goal is to prevent losses before they occur.

IMaritime Alliance Group has an experienced Recovery Department with a varied group of clients. We have conducted major investigations in regard to theft of cargo which have led us to recover up to $2,000,000.00 from responsible parties on behalf of insurers.

Our recovery efforts are not limited to large claims for Underwriters. We also handle recoveries for major corporations which have large deductibles. We aggressively pursue recoveries for claims ranging from $500.00 to $250,000.00. Our cargo surveys are always conducted with an eye on protecting our client’s interests. Our thoroughness in covering all aspects of a claim allow us to be fully prepared when the time comes to subrogate against responsible parties.

Recoveries are handled on a no cure/no fee basis. Our fees are based on a sliding scale and are very reasonable according to industry standards.

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