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John C. Lane
President/CEO >>

Charles F. Ellwanger
Executive Vice President >>

Lee H. Goldberg
Vice President >>

Vincent A. Apesa
Vice President,
Cargo & Inland Marine Claims >>

Herb Wood
Principal Surveyor >>

William M. Riley
Marine Surveyor >>

Jeffrey D. Sayers
Marine Surveyor >>

Raymond McKelvey

Marine Surveyor >>

Joseph J. Ledbetter
Chairman Emeritus >>


  John C. Lane – President/CEO - joined MAGI in 1998, after spending nearly fifteen years as operations manager for a major marine contractor in the Northeast. John has worked on over 500 of the most notable spills and salvage projects throughout the United States, Caribbean, and Canada. John’s experience in project management allows him to complete the appointed work in a safe cost effective manner.

After John arrived at MAGI, he trained as a marine surveyor. He has performed surveys of all types for a variety of clients including Vessel Owners, Charterers, P&I Clubs, and Terminals. He also attends vessels regularly to assist Masters and Owners with regulatory interface including Certificate of Compliance Examinations, Port State Control Boardings, Internal SMS Inspections, and OWS Compliance Examinations.

John is a surveyor and principal consultant to the Water Quality Insurance Syndicate. In that capacity, John supervises the field response to over fifty spills each year on behalf of this client. In addition, John regularly assists nationwide QI/Spill Management providers including Gallagher Marine Systems and ECM Maritime Services in performing field work at large responses.

Prior to his entry into the private sector, John spent four years in the U. S. Coast Guard in both at sea and shore based billets. In addition, he held a Master of Steam and Motor Vessels and Tankerman’s Grade B licenses.

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Charles F. Ellwanger Executive Vice-President - is an alumnus of the State University of New York Maritime College, and sailed as Chief Mate aboard limited tonnage vessels for two years. In 1985, Charlie joined a marine and cargo-surveying firm, where for over eight years, performed a wide variety of marine and cargo surveys, and ran the day-to-day operations of the New York Metro Branch.

During his tenure as a marine and cargo surveyor, and after joining the largest OPA ‘90 service provider, Charlie has gained over ten year's experience in vessel casualty and oil spill response, having managed numerous cleanup operations. In addition, Charlie has handled many oil pollution claims, has developed and maintained Vessel Response Plans for dozens of vessel owners/operators to comply with federal and state requirements. He also assisted in the development and orchestration of various sized OPA ‘90 mandated oil spill exercises, training sessions, and unique “hands-on” workshops for shore-based personnel in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. Charlie has been named an Alternate Qualified Individual in response plans for over 500 tank vessels, and as the Alternate Qualified Individual for the City of New York. Charlie is a trained and certified Ship’s Security Assessor to assist vessel owners to be in compliance with special measures to enhance maritime security and the ISPS codes.

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Lee H. Goldberg – Vice President – is an alumnus of Maine Maritime Academy and was a Lieutenant in the United States Navy Reserve. Mr. Goldberg is licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard as a Merchant Marine Officer and sailed as Chief Officer aboard offshore supply vessels serving the oil exploration industry.

In 1989, Lee joined a major marine and cargo surveying firm and, over the next eleven years, rose through the ranks to become the Baltimore Branch Manager and Principal Marine Surveyor. Throughout his marine surveying career, Lee has performed an immense variety of marine and cargo surveys including vessel and marine structure damages, personal injury investigations, multi-million dollar cargo damage surveys, containerized and refrigerated cargo inspections, computer and high technology equipment damages, pharmaceuticals, pre-load and outturn surveys, yacht damage surveys, bulk liquid cargo surveys, household effects and project cargo. In addition, Lee has acted as a surveyor or spill manager on a number of oil spills and containerized hazardous material spills.

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Vincent A. Apesa – Vice President - Cargo and Inland Marine Claims - has over twenty-two years experience as a property, cargo, and inland marine insurance surveyor/adjuster. Vincent spent the first seven years of his career with GAB Business Services, where he handled homeowners and commercial property claims. He next spent two years settling commercial property claims for Commercial Union Insurance Co.

In 1987, Vincent joined L&J Adjusters North America in the position of investigating and adjusting cargo and inland marine claims, both domestically, and internationally for Lloyds of London and The Institute of London Underwriters. The work also entailed handling recoveries for Underwriters. Vincent was eventually promoted to Vice President of L&J North America, and continued to be extremely active in the day-to-day operation of the business. He continued to survey/adjust cargo and inland marine claims, to include Motor Truck Cargo, Freight Forwarders, and Stock Through-Put.

In addition, Vincent also has considerable experience in the performance of pre-risk and loss control surveys. This entails inspections of warehouses that Underwriters insure or intend to insure. He has performed these services for both overseas and domestic market Underwriters.

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Herb N. Wood – Principal Surveyor – is an alumnus of the United States Merchant Marine Academy with a BS in Marine Engineering. Herb spent over twenty years at Sun Transport (a subsidiary of Sunoco), serving in numerous capacities including Ship’s Engineering Officer, Repair Superintendent, New Construction Manager, Tug/Barge Fleet Operations Manager and Maintenance Manager. Herb worked as an independent surveyor, performing a wide array of Hull and Machinery surveys, before assuming his present position as Principal Surveyor in the Port of Philadelphia for the firm,. His experience also includes large project management, technical plan and specification review, spill cleanup and marine/cargo surveys.

Herb’s additional training includes OSHA 40 hour Hazmat, ISO (internal auditor), AWO
Responsible Carrier Program (independent auditor), Diesel Engines (high, medium and slow speed engines).

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William M. Riley – Marine Surveyor – joined MAGI in 2006, after twenty years experience as a U. S. Coast Guard officer with steadily increasing responsibilities in marine inspection, quality control of marine products and repairs, accident investigation, law enforcement, port safety/security, and environmental protection, followed by thirteen years as an independent marine surveyor and maritime safety consultant. Bill graduated from the U. S. Merchant Marine Academy in 1972 with a Bachelor of Science Degree. He is certified as a Master Marine Surveyor and Accident & Fraud Investigator by the U. S. Surveyors Association. He is also a Life Member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, a member of the International Association of Marine Investigators, and a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers.

Jeffrey D. SayersMarine Surveyor – joined MAGI in 2008, after a varied career that included sailing worldwide for five years on cable laying ships, working for MSRC and other OSRO’s as an oil spill responder, as a yacht surveyor specializing engine losses and salvage. Since Jeff joined MAGI, he has performed numerous cargo surveys and ship attendances. He has also responded to numerous oil spills and vessel casualties, including over two years on the Deepwater Horizon spill.

Raymond McKelvey - Marine Surveyor - joined MAGI in 2011, after 20 years as an oil and hazardous spill response expert.  Ray's wealth of hands on response experience allows him quickly adapt to the rapidly changing conditions found in spill events throughout the country.

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Joseph J. Ledbetter Chairman Emeritus – As founding President, Joe’s vision of Maritime Alliance Group has grown to a surveying firm that provides a consistent, high quality product to its clients.

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Detailed CVs for each of these individuals are available upon request

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