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  Robert Simmons
Environmental Science Services
Professional Engineer >>

Richard Shaul
Environmental Project Manager >>

Brian Galant
Project Safety Manager/
Safety Officer >>

  Robert Simmons – Environmental Science Services - Professional Engineer, following a career as an Engineer at Exxon, Robert joined Es² and is now its President. Es² is a registered engineering firm in the State of Louisiana and provides a wide range of environmental consulting and science support services for industry and government. Established in 1996, Es² is built around high-end computing technologies such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), photogrammetry, remote sensing, and image processing.

Richard Shaul – Environmental Project Manager, His experience includes coordinating and managing the on-site response to spills of hazardous materials as well as vessel groundings and offshore spills. Mr. Shaul has coordinated the response, sampling design, data analysis, report preparation, and quality control for a wide range of projects related to human activities in the marine and coastal environments including ship groundings and related hazardous material spills, oil and gas operations, dredging and dredge material disposal, beach restoration, artificial reef siting, wastewater treatment and power plant facilities.

Brian Galant, Contingency Management Associates – Project Safety Manager/Safety Officer, whose experience as a career Fire Service Officer and instructor at Massachusetts Maritime Academy make him uniquely qualified to manage all aspects of a safety program of a response.

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